Synchron Stage Vienna

Since 2014, the Vienna Symphonic Library has transformed this historic scoring stage into a unique, world-class recording and post production facility.

The new studio complex offers state-of-the-art recording technology, superior acoustics, and a unique integration of Vienna Symphonic Library’s award-winning software applications such as Vienna MIR Pro. Stage A, the large main hall, accommodates orchestras of up to 130 musicians. Additional studio and office facilities surround that central stage, including the 'Stage B' live room, Control Rooms A and B, several lounges, isolation booths, offices, instrument storage rooms and the score archive.

Initial recordings took place in October 2015 under the baton of acclaimed composer, orchestrator and conductor Conrad Pope, with engineer icon Dennis S. Sands behind the console. Soon after officially opening its doors, Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions were among the first clients. Recording sessions were held for the Ron Howard directed feature “Inferno” (score by Hans Zimmer) and for the Netflix series “The Crown” (score by Hans Zimmer and Rupert Gregson-Williams), created by Peter Morgan (“The Queen”). In March 2016, the Vienna Symphonic Library business offices moved into the new facility.

For more details and contact information please visit www.synchronstage.com.


Control Room A


Stage A (Main Hall)